Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Meeting

Meet my life on Mondays! Derek is gone at work, the house is a mess, I have a ton of catch up work to do in what seems very aspect of my life. Here is what I woke up to today.

Emma in a diaper. Emma is potty trained and has been for months, well sort of. She refuses to go 'the glorious #2' in the potty. She gets a diaper and every time she thinks she has to go she SCREAMS until I put it on her. I am just about to stop doing this because I swear that girl walks around smelling, well like hot shit.

Then I walk into the garage to get more milk from fridge #2 and I see this! I hate how I let things pile up, but I just do not have the time! This is just one wall out of four! See these bags. They are clothes that need to be given to people, pool stuff, clothes for Lilly that are too big, and food. I so hate this!

What I hate more than the 'wall of crap' in the garage is this one of two HUGE piles of clothes that need to be washed. No wonder why my water bill is so high!

As I sit at the table drinking my yummy coffee (DD) and eating my turkey sausage I think..."I so do not want to clean the back yard" In fact, we had my side of the family over for family day yesterday and I left it looking like that. Not too bad, but the pic is only from the slider.

Our new bed (a few months old) and my back are sooooo not friends. In this pic my bed is not made and I do not even have the proper blankets on it (thank you Em for peeing on everything), but ya know I sooo do not want to do laundry. I am learning I hate laundry A LOT! So much that we had a BBQ two weekends ago and family day and I did not even make my bed! Okay, so back to my back. When I got home from La Quinta I decided that I wanted to move a table in front of the bed to the outside curb. Well, I know I am strong, but the angle I was attempting to lift from was not the best thing I could have done. CRACK, CRACK, and more CRACK is what I heard (and felt!). Since then I have not been the same:( So my wonderful new bed is not my friend!!

Last night was, 'go upstairs and leave mommy and daddy night.' Which is fun for the kids and us, but not when I got upstairs and noticed this! Popcorn and milk everywhere! OHHHHHHHHHHH! However, I had had one more glass of wine then I should have and went to sleep. Woke to this mess, oh well!

Then there is this 4 year old! Look at this picture, what is he doing?? He is in time out for sliding his baby sister on the floor by her legs backwards. Oh and baby sister means Lillian. He is a stinker and is in time out. In fact he was in timeout for most of the day. Linda do not even go, "oh no!" with a sigh. As much as I do not want to see him go to school next week, I am ready!

So by 12:00 my back was feeling a little better (just waiting for tomorrow when it will hurt again), I cleaned Emma up, tried not to look at the mess in the garage while I tackled my laundry piles, made my bed, cleaned the popcorn, and just kept putting Drew in time out. Oh, I also went to the store, went for a walk, made dinner, cleaned the house, cleaned the backyard, went to the post office, and even watched MAD MEN! Now I sit here while Derek watches football, waiting for my next load of laundry to finish, the silverware drawer and silverware to finish washing since we had an attack from the ants, and then I will soak in a nice bath with my second glass of wine. Oh Mondays!


Rebecca Titone said...

It's so hard, hun!? And once it starts to get clean you turn around and the children cyclones are starting to make a mess right behind you. And laundry just never ends. Boo. I know you can do it though, even though it feels overwhelming.=)

MRSB said...

It seems like one of your easy days.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Ohhhh mama! I am sorry. BOOOO to crappy days, but yay to wine! haha

Farnes Family Four said...

All I can say is I live for the moments one of the kids get in trouble. The picture of Drew Drew in time out is great....first thing I thought was...if I was there I could just snuggle next to him and make it all better.