Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kyle's Birthday

On May 16th we celebrated what would have been Kyle's 33rd birthday by sharing a dinner at Bari-Bari. It was hard for the entire table, but we got through it. At the moment Kent started speaking and I looked at the sadness in Derek's eye I thought of how proud I am of him and the way he has these past few months when it comes to dealing with the loss of his friend. He has helped other people with similar issues and has become more aware of the complexities in life.

The pictures are horrible, but I took them anyways. I wish I could have gotten one of Debbie receiving a huge beer with candles strapped to it as we song happy birthday to Kyle, but it was super dark in there! Debbie has been so strong, but during this part she cried. Followed by hugs, picture taking, and thanking the awesome staff of Bari-Bari (Kyle always went there for his birthday and they were also very sad) we left with a good feeling. On a side note Debbie gave Drew the hat that Lilly is wearing to Drew. It was Kyle's. Our prayers will always be with Debbie, Darrell and Courtney on what would be Kyle's birthdays.

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