Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lillian's First Angel Game!


Lilly had a blast at her very first baseball game. Sure I went to a ton when I was pregnant with her, but now with the three kiddies it is hard to get us all to go. NOW I KNOW WHY! Here is the story of her first game.

Derek works, so I had to get the kids, myself, and Derek dressed and ready to go to dinner. Oh wait, we needed to go to the bank. Oh, we need to go to dinner with the three which takes way longer than it use to! What time is it? Okay we have plenty of time to get to the game. We get there right when it starts. I was very surprised that we did this because we NEVER do...does it have something to do with the tailgate party we usually have, humm. We have no time to grab Lilly a first game sticker because there was a huge line and we really wanted to get to our seats. We thought, "we will get it later." Once at our seats we grab the waitress to order some beers and popcorn. YES, we are here.

Okay, five people in four seats...stinks! Thank goodness we had the very nice waitress or else we would have been out of out seats for most of the time we spent at the game. Getting on. We love these seats because no one is behind us (due to the wall) and usually there is no one infront of us because we go during the week. This time, there were two VERY different types of couples in the four seats infront of us. Nothing against same sex couples, but the questions that came out of the kids mouths were killing me! The have no filter and no sense of being quiet. for example, "Yes there are two girls holding hands infront of us." The other couple, well reminded me of my dad. Love him, but the man was probably about 30 years older than his "date." The chick wore tiny panties under her loose fishhooked pants! So those were the people around us, but lets get to the good stuff! Drew kept kicking the guy in the head with his feet, but did not do it hard enough for the man to turn around, he would just brush his hair. Emma's sippy decided to fling milk all over the ladies' chair...thank goodness she was not in it, but I could not find a napkin and when she got back I am apoligizing like crazy and she says in a snotty voice, "happy I was not sitting there!" Point taken. So hitting and spilling just kept happening and when I go to take Em to the bathroom there was someone throwing up and Em asked what that noise was. Back at the seats Drew had to go potty and I needed a dt doke...yes, not a beer. I ended up with both drinks and the kids with ice cream which they only took two bites of because it was "too cold." FINALLY, at the bottom of the 6th everyone settled down and Daddy & Mommy got on the "Kiss Cam" which was kindof fun. All of this followed by singing, "take me out to the ballgame," then home.

Lilly did not get her sticker and we were in bed by 10pm! What a difference from 5 years ago!
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Rod said...

holy cow are those really your kids... your just a child yourself