Monday, December 26, 2011

Tamale Fest

At the beginning of Dec was the Tamale Fest in Old Town. I wanted to go last year, but could not make it over to that section of town, but this year we did! Or I should say Drew, Lilly and I made it. Derek was working and Em was at ballet. Even though we only had three of us out of our clan, we made the short trip over there, stayed for about an hour & half, picked up Em then headed home. No tamale's though...I did not have my card and only a few dollars of cash on me. Maybe next year I can actually have a tamale! haha

In the short amount of time we were there we listened to one of the local high schools Jazz band, we walked up and down the short street, stood in line to get some tamales only to not get some, Drew got his hand painted by a came out as a spider, Drew tired to win a gold fish, and I think we found another vendor for my KIDS Fair out of Mustache Mikes food trucks...this one had Italian Ice.

Well, maybe next year we can have tamales, have Derek and Em there and maybe get a picture with me in it that actually comes out.






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