Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tackle Tuesday

So I was reading Meg's Blog (actually, w.w.j.d) and how she posted her 300th blog post! It made me think, how many have I posted? Well, my last post was my 600th post! How fun is that!

Anyways, my tackle for today was to have the kids go and take the annual Santa picture at the mall! We did it, went to CPK for lunch, headed over to The Disney Store for some "well deserved sleeping in your own bed" gifts, came back home and in a bit will be going to the movies! **Emma has dance, but with that cough of hers she will not be going.**

Here is the annual picture! I know, I know you all love the picture:) After all it is the worst one that they took...I just had to get it!

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