Monday, January 23, 2012

My mom loves expired food!

My mom has never lived Easter in 2008 when she gave her family expired sour was 4 months expired. We always joke about it (maybe the boys more than the gals), so when I read this email I was not surprised. The email also sparked Patty to mention she had 5 yr old molasses and Em had vegetable dip packet. I on the other hand have nothing hahaha I keep up with my cupboards.

...................................... Email from mom

All of us So Cal people were going to meet up at BJ's Pizza to celebrate the December/January birthdays this past Sunday and I volunteered to bring cupcakes. Well let's put it this way, the cupcakes didn't make it.

I found a simple recipe on the internet for Red Velvet cupcakes and decided to make those. Now it's Sunday morning and I'm stressed because I still have to make these little cakes of joy and the hour is getting late. I whipped them up and felt confident that they would be the hit of the party. They looked so perfect baking in the oven with their little tops growing at a slow pace and browning perfectly. Once satisfied that all was going well I walked away to finish getting ready for the party. When I came back a few minutes later and opened the oven door I was amazed to see that they looked like someone stuck a pin in a balloon. They were as flat as a pancake!! I threw them in the refrigerator and headed out the door to join the party.

Today I spoke to a lady at work that loves to bake and explained what had happened. She said it sounded like either the baking soda or powder was no longer active. I came home tonight and this is what I found:

Baking Powder - expired 2/06

Baking Soda - expired 3/08

Love to all.

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Farnes Family Four said...

That was some funny stuff.