Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow On Main Street

I did not get to all of the things I wanted to do in December, but I tried! Dang me being sick! But I did get the kids over to the Main Street in YL the day after the Tamale Fest in Downtown....Derek was working though, so he could not attend. The Buchan's, myself and the kids had a great time!

There was snow, balloon artists, hot chocolate and coffee, food, a skateboard competition, a statue of Santa, a reptile petting zoo, the YMCA was there and of course I have to mention the snow again. I know, I know my back east family...but we have been wearing tanks for a week out here, so a little snow is always fun.

The funny thing about the snow, besides me HATING IT WITH A PASSION, is that they had older police men telling people to not throw snow balls and regulating like crazy! It was really funny.

Oh, I have to mention the best part of the night! Ya, ya, being with the kids is great, but Kelly volunteered to walk with the kids down to the Y section of the street so Amanda and I could sneak into the Main Street Winery for a quick glass. OMG, my friend that has no kids took my three buggies by himself to eat, bounce in the jumper, and decorate cookies! He did such a great job! What a brave man he is!

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