Saturday, January 14, 2012

YMCA & Frosty

We are starting to really love the Y. Granted Lilly still cries whenever we turn onto the street, she is not a huge fan of going to the KIDS Zone, but our family is enjoying all of the benefits of being a member. So, when the Y was organizing it's first ever (for that location) Holiday Show, I signed the kids right up.
They separated the children by age and gave each age group a song to do. Lilly and Em were suppose to each do a song with their groups, but I have no idea what happened with the toddlers and I took Em out because Derek did not want her to get confused during her Nutcracker performance which was later on that day...good job daddy, you were right on this one:) Drew, however, did perform as Frosty with his group. He was the only boy for his age and I thought he would not like it at all, but he LOVED it and LOVED all of the songs. He sang them all of the time! I think he was so into it because he was learning pretty much all of the same songs for his Polar Express Day at school and I had the music on in the house and in the car all of the time!

Being the first time the Y did this there was bound to be some hiccups, and there were many. It was still fun, the kids loved all of the crafts, they got to eat breakfast in the gym, we donated toys for the needy, Drew got to see/sing with his friends, and OF COURSE SANTA! The kids even danced with him. Seeing their little faces and how excited they were made me forget the hiccups.

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