Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cody James is HERE!

I call him the most expensive baby in the world! After 4 rounds of IVF, who knows exactly how much money, and 9months of pregnancy...Cody James was born at 3:30am on Tuesday the 8th of May! He was 6.14lbs and 23 inches long!

Patty got induced at 7am Monday morning and things seemed to be going pretty slow, but once they broke her water and filled her up with some drugs the baby boy was here 8 hours later. Three pushes was all her doc was going to give her before she was going to have a emergency section due to Cody being in distress.....bam he was out in those three pushes. My mom and step dad were there to share in the joy of their 6th grandchild being born, Clint was in a little bit of shock, and Patty cried at how beautiful he turned out to be. I have received a few more pictures that are more of his face, but I just love this one because he looks like such a little man and shows off his HUGE hands and feet.

Now Clint holds that little man all of the time, Cody is feeding well (the way I think is totally gross, haha), my mom is dying to get him all to herself (but she much share), my dad is now living back in Ca so he will be up there soon, Lilly and I will be up there next week to give hugs and love to that little man, and Em is lucky she is living in NC because when the 'Hanna Three' move back there next month she will be able to see him all of the time!!!

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