Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Connor the All-star

Anyone surprised that Connor made the All-star team for his FV Pony league? Well, if you are you do not know Connor! At 6 years old this kid is a hulk and a solid athlete. From the minute he was born I think he as always been above everyone when it comes to jumping/swimming/sports. He does tricks on his bike and scooter and hit a few home-runs and made awesome plays during the regular season of baseball.

He is loving it so far and even though the weekends are long and full of ballgames the kids he plays with & the parents involved really do have a great time. Hello, mortorhomes, BBQ's, and a common interest......could you ask for more. I can not wait to go to his next tourney in a few weeks. I just do not know how I am going to cram it in!

These are pictures of Connors season. Dale also pitches for the team during the regular season.

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