Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alone on Mother's Day

My Mother's Day is always awesome. Derek takes the kids to his moms house or somewhere else for most of the day and I clean/do laundry/drink some champagne! So I was very surprised that Derek asked me for the very first time, "Are you sure you want us to leave?" My reply was a quick, "YES!"

I do not want gifts or even breakfast in bed...I want to be ALONE! Even when I just had Drew, I wanted to be ALONE! It is really a win-win for everyone. Derek gets to see his mom and for her her son and grand-kids, I clean the house in peace (well, I rock out to The Doors:)), and Derek gets to come home to a very clean house and I even make dinner.

Strange? I think not. I am never disappointed and every year when my family gets home I am so grateful that I have them. Then we sit and enjoy the clean house!

**Oh, the house was a wreak by Monday night!**

Picture of Derek and the kids at Linda's. They had a blast with her and the rest of the family.

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Michelle said...

I love my alone time, too!!!