Friday, June 29, 2012

KIDS Fair 2012

These tables and many more both inside and outside of the BCC were covered with items from vendors for the 7th Annual KIDS Fair put on by the MOMS Club that I was AVP of this past year. The Fair was held in February and I got 44 vendors to participate! Being the AVP of the MOMS Club meant that I am in-charge of service projects and the KIDS Fair is our biggest of the year. My phone and emails were always going! The money that we make from this event along with the other fundraising we do year round goes to charity at the end of our year.

It was a true experience putting this on and even though the attendance was down, I still had a good time and am very happy that I am not doing it next year! There was really nothing I could do about that. I think the club is doing it, but I chose not to be on the board and will not be renewing my membership...ah life:)

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