Friday, June 29, 2012

He turned 6!

Andrew. AKA, Drew, Drew-Drew, Bubby, DCL, big boy, Topher, & Andy.

He is 6 now! I can not believe it! After his birthday last year we decided that only 10, 13, 16, 18 years of age will be getting big birthday parties. He had five good years of big ones so we need a break.

To celebrate the day he was the 'Star of the Week' in school which I made this poster for. SOOO last mintuet and I could have done better, but he does not know the difference yet.

We made cupcakes for his class and after he chose to go to the golden arches for his birthday lunch. Really, I can not believe that he chose that place! I mean I told him he could go anywhere he wanted and he wanted to go to McDonalds! I guess that is what happens when we only go there barely once a year! I did put my food down though and went to the one without the playyard...those things are so gross!

Then we had his sleepover with his best bud Caden and cousin/best bud Connor. We played baseball outside (yep, I played too), Derek chased them around the yard, we went to Lamppost, they played games, watched a movie, went to bed, played with some more toys, we went to the store where each of the boys picked out a toy and then it was done. The three of them get along so well that I really did not have to tell them to stop doing something and never had to tell them to stop potty talk. It was very nice!

I can not wait to see where the big boy wants to go to lunch next year...I really hope he picks at least Chili's!

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