Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Day

I was so bummed this year, well I still am in a way, that my babies did not do a theme for their Halloween costumes. I had this Star Wars theme that they agreed to all year and then when they got their costumes we ended up with a LaLa, Captain America's daughter, and a red ninja. Whatever,,, they loved what they were.

Besides me trying not to throw a fit about the costumes, we woke up yesterday to a day full of going to one Halloween themed event to the next.

Drew was up first. He was in the school's annual Halloween Parade. It is very cute to see all of the lower grades walk past all of the upper graders room's. Then it is the upper's turn. I did not see this last year. I was thinking that I would not be able to bring the girls on campus, but now I know it was just for the parties. Anyways, he was just so cute! He was waving and smiling and saying hi to our neighbors as he walked by. Em was already dressed up for the day and really wanted to join in the fun the kids were having. So cute!


Then it was Em's turn for the parade. It is a little different for the kinder late birds. Both of the late bird classes walk around the entire campus and go inside of each class and wave. It is really cute. I actually missed Em going into Drew's class because Lilly had ballet and we were running a little late. But we did get to see her wave to all of our neighbors and actually be a little shy...strange to see her that way at school!

I was able to get a few pictures of her in her classroom. Her teacher was a witch with this HUGE hat and I just love that. Em told me she had a lot of fun at her party and came home with way TOO MUCH candy. I wish I could have gotten a few pics of Drew's party or him in his classroom, but I guess I will have to wait for the Shutter Fly update to see what it was like. I wonder what my life will be like when I have all three of them in school? What will their little parties for the holidays be like? **I can not bring Lilly to the school during parties and all of my sitters are at school during the day**


I have to throw the below picture in. This is Alejandro. HE LOVES EMMA! It was hilarious that he was Captain America and she was Captain America's Daughter (that is what the name of his costume was).

Then after school, homework, a quick trip to Target to get Em some more cheap white leggings since she got her's all dirty, and making cornbread the kids went to take our usual Halloween pictures with the neighborhood. They even got to do their first trick-or-treat. Then off we went to DeAnne & Ryan's for chili, chicken noodle soup and treats.


All of our kids get along so well and when I saw Nate with his Clipper makeup on I thought about when he had his first Halloween. He was a lion. That was 14 years ago! Ouch!
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Then when we got back to their house the little ones were very excited to hand out candy. Lilly stood there the longest. She opened the door, handed out candy, and laughed! All those kids wanted to do was EATEATEAT!

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Farnes Family Four said...

I loved there pics for costumes. I have never seen such a beautiful super hero! I can imagine Drew running around saying HIYA! I think LIl looks just like hair and all. Tyler and Hailee were never able to dress up for school, too much of a distraction.