Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Bear!!

We LOVE Big Bear! Every time we go there we find something new that we love about it I am just so grateful to have the Kemper's in our lives (Mar's fam), I will never be able to express it correctly.

Going up the mountain I DROVE! Amazing, I know, but Derek did not want me to get sick again...oh so nice! The one thing that I did miss when driving was looking out at the open space. Those colors! The colors are beautiful and the weather of 60 degrees was exactly what we wanted! The 25degrees at night...not so much:) I know, I know my backeast family. On the way home I got to enjoy the view because Derek drove, well, until I started to feel ill and fell asleep. I think Derek is a lucky man when we drive. I do not bug him and want to talk & talk because I am ASLEEP most of the time. haha

Like I wrote, we LOVE Big Bear..but it is very different when it is "off-season." Most places of interest are CLOSED! "See you in May," was the theme. Yes, the ski season is almost here (I think this weekend maybe?), but that does me no good since I do not ski (I would like to learn one day) or snowboard (I am not teenager wanting to ride a skateboard on the snow) and I really do not feel like getting all wet from the snow either, but what I want to do is go to the Zoo or a Museum. Many of those are closed. Oh well. We went for walks, are a bunch, Derek made pancakes for the kids, we drove and drove around, picked pine cones, walked on the bridge over the marsh, and went to the park. Derek wanted to just relax with this family and enjoy his long weekend. He enjoyed himself and so did I! Then kids did not want leave and we of course can not wait to go there again!


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Of course there was, "I do not want to hold your hand Emma!"

But Bug held it for Em:)


Meg said...

My aunt and uncle live in Big Bear. I've never been but would like to get there sometime soon!

Farnes Family Four said...

I love the pic of the girls holding hand. How many times has that scene with Drew and Emma played out?! Love the pic of Drew with the beenie on.