Sunday, July 7, 2013

Graduations, CHACHACHA!

School is all done!  So excited about that!   I am also so excited at parties being done!  I am very excited that accomplishments were met, but DANG the end of the school year is a very busy one.  Some years there are just a few or no graduations or parties.  This year was not one of those years.  Along with activities that come with the end of a school year (I am choosing not to blog about them because there are just WAY too many and will take me forever!) we had family days and birthday's and so on.  

Michelle graduated from nursing school!!  Thank goodness she is done.  She gave an awesome speech and we cheered as loud as the Lee Family could...which was loud.  I am so happy she is done because now we will SEE HER!  Absent - how I describe the last year.  Now, like Linda says, "get a job!"


Max promoted to 9th grade!  This kid cracks me up!  Not only because of his pink shirt which stood out during the ceremony, but he is CRAZY SMART and just as sweet.  Love that he is our nephew.  I also loved that the ceremony was super short...good because Corona is flippin hot!

Saige!  Welcome to real life!  Well, when she gets back from her road trip with Grandma and her mom from New Orleans to Key West.  Ah to be young!  Saigey is off to FJC and aspires to be a costume designer.  I think she can do it.  Such a gorgeous girl.  My family missed the ceremony because she only got 10 tickets.  With my 5...well, you do the math.  So we met up at Hero's afterwards for a celebratory dinner....we were there forever!  The kids had fun playing and eating peanuts.  The owner even gave the kids money, we was so impressed with them.  Of course we always run into people we know everywhere....saw an old co-worker, Carrie.  It was so nice to catch up!  I should have taken a picture, but we were having so much fun with Saige.  Congrats to everyone!!!!

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