Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halo High!

We were high high high, almost to the sky high at the Angel/A's baseball game!  I am sad to say that this was the only game we went to this entire season!  So sad.  I guess we could have gone to more, but I have never paid for a ticket and am not going to start now!  So, we got these tickets for free.  However, if I had only looked at the tickets then maybe I would not have taken them.  I have not sat this high in a very long time!  Derek and the kids went up first and then I clung for dear life to the railing about 10 minutes later.  Yes, I looked ridiculous and Derek was laughing at me.  I did not get up the entire time we were there.  Thank goodness I took my meds before we left!!!  

The game was fun and the kids had a blast.  When I finally made my way to our seats I saw the Simmons boys!  Then a little bit later the Bustamonte family showed up.  I love running into our 'dance family!'  Drew had Vince as a buddy to watch the game with, Emma had Sophia, and Derek had Vigo  to drink with.  The Angels lost, but it is all good.  Thanks Buffy for the tickets!  

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