Wednesday, August 28, 2013

We saw Tyler and Hailee!

I got to see these babies!

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Well, they are a little older now!  Twelve and Thirteen now!  I can not get over how they are getting older!  it is very hard for Auntie to accept!  

Tyler and Hailee live in North Carolina with Emma and my brother-in-law, Chris,  just got transferred back to Oceanside.  Strange, but the kids need to stayed at their school.  So when Chris got ahold of Derek to see if they could stop by while on his way to drop the kids off at LAX we said, YES!!  We hung out, had IN&Out, and they spent the night here.  I LOVED to see them.  My babies got to spend time with their cousins for the first time in a year!

Of course, there was wrestling!  Hailee even let Derek (BoBo) put her on his shoulder to "attack monkey."  I miss those kids so much!  Our kids had a great time with their cousins, we had fun catching up with Chris, and I had so much fun hugging my "first babies!"  I do not know the next time we will see them, but when I do I will always think of them as my babies...that will never change.   

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