Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Third Times The Charm!

Hopefully we will not have to go back to the mall again for a forth traumatic experience, aka ear piercing.  The last time we went Lilly had a seizure a few days later and we had to take them out for her CTscan.  I never put them back in.  THIS TIME, I took a partner with me!  Ms. Brenda.  I felt confident that with Lilly on her lap, cookie in my hand as a bribe, and a promise to go to lunch after that Lilly would do good.  Of course she screamed and cried, but she did great.  It was a fun time:)  **happy to report she has now switched to jellybean earring with smiley faces....she for now we are in the clear...haha**

 Then at lunch she put makeup all over her face......

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