Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Get Out There!

I have done countless walks for charity.  I LOVE to do it.  MS, Spinal Cord, ALS, Autism, and so many more...I should remember them!!  A few months back I walked  my first for Autism Speaks.  I wanted to show support for a dear Lee family friend's son, Liam.  He is just a few months older than Lilly.  Liam is the son of Jenny (aka honorary Jenny Lee) and Bill.  Liam has Autism.  I was so happy to be a representative for the Lee family for the walk.  It was a very nice day at the Great Park of OC.  I SOOOOOO wanted to run it, but it is a walk, haha.  There were many booths to look at, food trucks and etc.  Liam did great during the walk, hello he got to sit in a stroller...so not fair, haha.  I honestly loved walking around the old El Toro Marine Base air strip.  Thank you Jenny for the invite!!!
Cloudy, but great walking weather

Jen and Liam

Here we are!

Handsome Liam!

Start and Finish Line

I know that not everyone likes to do the things that I do, but these walks that take no time at all are such a great way to share, well share life.  To see the looks on the kids and parents faces when you show up to support their cause is so touching.  After all, I got to go home to my healthy children....... 

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