Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Argh in my life yet again

I have been trying......
Not to stay up so late.......
Yeah right, what am I thinking???
Are Em's tights clean for ballet?
No, they are not.
Now I have to wait for tights to go through the wash.
So why not blog.
Then again, what time is EM's ballet and why am I worried about tights?
Oh yeah, it is at 9am and we do not wake up in this house (beside Derek) before 9am except on Wednesday mornings. TOMORROW! Life is so busy and I have to ask myself, 'she only wore them once do they really need to be washed?!?' Yes, they do!
Oh, and some may think, 'why does she only have one set of tights?' The studio makes you only wear what is provided for them. SO, EM only has one pair of tights that are on loan until they get some little sizes.

So, I am sitting here being told by the TV that footed PJ's are the best thing for women ever, really? I just laugh.

Then, I think about how I am not use to this three kid thing. I really am not! Reason? Lillian is our last child! I think I always knew that Em was not our last child, but since Nov I knew for sure that I will never have anymore children. Kind of strange! To have a child be 'for sure' your last is kind of strange. However, I also do not want anymore KIDS! The three that I have are hard enough! I love the babies...oh a buzzer went off!


terenjaxandteegan said...

Loved this post- very honest and so true.

Rebecca Titone said...

I'm with T. Wish I had a choice about the last, always wanted 4. But still I am happy!Boo about the tight situation.

Rebecca Titone said...

P.S. I'm with T - I ment about the post. Really liked it.

saigey said...

i love how your messages last like, hours, or whatever.

Update! - blah blah, etc.
its funny. (: