Monday, February 15, 2010

The Frog Prince

A few weekends ago I took Em and my mom to the Ebell Thearter in Santa Ana to see the play, The Frog Prince. We got dressed up and went for a night to the 'big place' as Emma referes to it. The play's cast was entirely composed of children and when I asw that I thought, 'oh great this is a waste of money!' But ya know what, it was great! My mom and I were laughing through a lot of the scenes and the kids did such a fanastic job! Em loved all of the music and of course the princesses. It even had a message...what I can not remember now, it was really very cute. So if anyone is interessed in taking their kids to see an exteremly well performed 'children's' play check out the site. The next play is the Little Mermaid.


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Look how long her little curls are! Hope you had a great V-Day!

Rebecca Titone said...

I was noticing her hair too! So pretty.