Monday, February 15, 2010

Our lovely Valentines

Yesterday Lillian Patricia was baptized! Marlene and Samy are the Godparents and we could not be more thrilled. We were so happy Samy's flight did not get canceled from DC like my dad's did from MA due to weather.
It was held at our old family church (we have moved and the drive is way too far) because I really wanted Pastor Greg to continue the baptisms in our family. Lillian did a fantastic job being held by Auntie Mar and did not cry at all. When Greg pronounced her to the church she just smiled. Oh, and I have to mention that the bow LP was one from the many I got from Catilin when Lilly was go check out Bows by Catilin (blog in my fav's). However, in all honesty I had one of the worst panic attacks from the time I handed her to Mar until around 5. The only thing that helped me from not walking out was looking at my mom! It was just horrible. I just could not shake it. So the lack of pics is due to that fact. I just hate getting those things! Suzie did take some during the actual even, but I need to get those from her.
Afterwards we had a luncheon for Mar, Sam and Lilly. We had the best Mexican food and yummy cupcakes from Cupcake Blake! However, does everyone remember how HOT it was on SUNDAY......ya pissed me off! Luckily we had tables and umbrellas in the back and it did not get too hot in the house. Regardlessof the heat, we had cold beer, the Olympics were on, Lilly got some lovely presents and a special necklace from Mar and Sam. People even played darts, looked at Derek's Jeep, and stuck around until about 5. Mom and Brian were the last leave, wow a record by them!
Now I will speak of Mar and Samy. I am always set aback when friends become godparents, only because I think 'where will the friends be in 20 years?' No offense to anyone, but a thought I have. But I have known Mar since 5th grade and has been my best friend forever! Yes, we live such different lives and she is my "Dr. Daut" travleing the world for the past 8 years or so, but we have always tried to stay close. I just laugh because yesterday I had to ask people if they knew Mar because everyone knows her sis, Tati, but rarely in the past 8 years has Mar been around because of work and school (yeah know that PhD thing she got, oh and Samy too). But now she is back and we try to see each other as much as possible....oh and she told me that she will get me back to my liberal thoughts and I said I blamed her for my slipping! Too funny though because I won't defer from my conservative thoughts, she is too late:) haha Marster! Yesterday, as sappy as this may sound, I looked at Mar and Sam and was happy! Happy for them in their own lives. Happy to have surrounded my self and my family with them. Happy that my daughter will have them to go to for her entire life. Happy that we have them, even though Samy is French! hahahahahahaha, so kidding:) I can never be too serious anymore:) Happy that Mar and I made it through our late teens and early twenties alive! Now we are married gals (along with preggo Max who could not be there yesterday) and are finding our way in our new 'adult lives.' We can still have fun, be honest with each other and still now that we are all a little crazy in the head! haha
Do I think wayyyyyy too much or wonder I had a panic attack, I was thinking all of that crap at one time!! haha


Rebecca Titone said...

Oh Congratulations on the baptismal! So beautiful. Looks like it turned out perfect. Is Lillian's hair getting blondy?

The Lee's said...

No, it all fell out!! haha

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Congrats Miss Lillian!!!

saigey said...

awwhh. that was cute reading about your friendship moments! ahah. (: but yeah, even though i missed the actual ceremony, i was glad to be there in that great moment of little lillian being baptised! :D