Friday, March 26, 2010

Lilly Is Getting Bigger

How fast 6months have gone!! We were at dinner last night and Derek just sat and said, "I have been in denial about them getting bigger!" I am so happy that we had three instead of two, so thank you Becky and DeAnne for having those Dec babies over a year ago!

What is new with our little LP:) She eats three times a day, she is a little piggy. She is almost rolling over. I still have to go to her checkup appt to find out weight and height. Of course, she sleeps through the night. She takes two naps a day with her favorite blanket. Loves her cloth bible book and bibi. We think she may be a lefty (Derek is hoping). She is almost sitting up on her own. Lost all of her hair, but now it is growing back. Lillian loves Yo Gabba Gabba and having her sister read to her. She tolerates her status as youngest child and all of the fingers in her mouth and toes in her ears that comes along with the torment the 'older children' give her. She hardly ever cries and smiles all of the time. She is just a pleasure to have in our lives!

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terenjaxandteegan said...

I wanna a third!! Can I borrow her for awhile?? haha. She is adorable.