Monday, March 29, 2010


Derek with his Best Friend, BL.

On Sunday we headed over to Irvine Lake to do some fishing per the request of Michelle for her birthday. So Happy Birthday (chachacha) Chow!!! it was a beautiful day to go fishing, but the conditions did not make fishing easy. It was warm, so the fish were at the bottom of the lake, it was a little windy, so the current did not help, and the lake was 4 ft higher than normal, so the shore line was raised up. Even with the conditions it was a GREAT time! The big boys were patient with the little boys and the little girls just hung out and threw rocks:) Us older gals hung out, organized the stuff, and RELAXED with a beer!!! When we were done we all came back to our place to have some dinner (not fish cuz none were caught) and the kids dressed up for us:) The entire day was just perfect and we will have to do it again soon!

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