Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Founders Day

Here is a picture of some ladies from the moms group I joined back in Novemeber.

On Saturday I divided the kids up to different family members (that is what having three kids does when it comes to sitters) and headed to the Hidden Valley in Irvine. There were over 700 women from southern CA..with no kids..for the International Moms Club! I wish I had taken pictures of some of these ladies all dresses up in matching outfits and their spots in the 'village' were so decked out that I felt I was at a craft fair. My group did not dress up, had the simplest basket, and did not decorate our spot. Yeah, we kind of suck:) However, next year we are going to rock..."simple" though because some of those gals were a little too into it and I just do not roll that way.

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