Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend of Trains

So Derek and I realized this past weekend, that we are train DORKS! Yes, we have been saying that we are train dorks since Drew first got into Thomas at about a year old, but I do not think we TRULY believed that we were the dorks we said we were. However, now I think I have to say with full belief that we are TRAIN DORKS! When you go to a train show and you have seen almost all of the booths numerous times at other train might be a train dork! On Saturday we went to Fullerton Train Station and saw this

Then I got freaked out when this came by on our side!

Derek just laughed at me as I was running with the kids, do not worry though I never show the kids my fears. Damn that thing was FRIGHTENING to stand by and it was going so fast!

Then we went to Downtown Brea and saw some more trains on Sunday. That is where we shook our heads and laughed at how, yes, we are dorks and we LOVE TRAINS!! Just as long as Drew is not one of those men who run around with a train shirt, camera, conductor hat with all the pins (sorry those guys are weird) then I do not mind being a dork for a few years right now:)

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The Titone - Perez Family said...

I wanted to go to this so bad, but panned the babies' family birthday party for that day. Next year for sure. Great pics too!