Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wine Tasting!

Yesterday I braved the Memorial Day traffic on the 91 to go DRINK in Temecula! Okay, well I only had 2 glasses with lunch because I was driving:) What else can I say but me and wine can not stay away from each other...haha
Anyways, Jo and I met up with Emma and her close girlfriends down at the South Coast Winery for a farewell wine filled afternoon for Emma since she is moving in a few weeks to North Carolina!! It was a nice afternoon to share with Em and her friends, but I do have to mention that I cried when I got home:( I am going to miss my sister a lot. Okay I am not going to write anymore...I am crying!


Rebecca Titone said...

I am going wine tasting June 13 in Temecula! So excited. Glad you got to go out.

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

Beautiful pic of the girls.