Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exactly 11pm

It is exactly 11pm and I am at the least stressful place in my life in awhile.
I kid you not!
I just got done watching It's Complicated, while doing so I hit my head kind of hard on the arm rest! Maybe it knocked some sense into me. Or maybe the crying all day on Tuesday after seeing two sisters at the pool talking about Chelsea Handler and going to see her...tear to my sisters who I miss seeing so much! Then the lack of things I have been doing around the house....who the HELL knows, but I am getting over it. I do not write these things for any sort of support, but rather to share..."what the heck was wrong with me!"
I have a great hubby, kids that listen to me half of the time, a very supportive family on both sides of the aisle, and friends that do not really mind me yelling at my kids while I am speaking to them on the phone, btw thanks Mar/Em/Sara 2 for always laughing at my expense!
Now it is off to looking on FB, maybe get another blog under my belt, watch Handler, drink a beer, and off to bed! I am back!!!

1 comment:

Zehntner Four said...

Your doing pretty good if you only have one breakdown in a long while. I have one just about everyday. Love ya!!!