Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Bear

A few weeks back we went to Big Bear and had so much fun taking in some fresh air! In southern California we have some BAD air, so good thing it is a quick drive to the mountains where you can see all that BAD air on your way to the GOOD air.

Anyways, besides the air we had fun in the bear decorated cabin of the Kemper's! I mean this thing is ALL bears! We even got them a 'bear themed' present (a bear clock) and asked them to find it when they got up there...no joke, so many bears. We went to different restaurants, went shopping, went to the lake, made a trip to the zoo, the discovery center, the historical museum, and headed over to the other side of the lake, and celebrated Emma's third birthday. CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE NOT BLOGGED ABOUT THAT YET!

Of course, I was a wreck about the drive up the mountain. After all, what if we fell off!! But much better once we got there. Derek and I thought it was hilarious that when we left the mountain it was 84 degrees outside, when we got to the desert it was about 96 and when we got to the beach for family day it was around 75. Yes, we can go to all of those places in one day around here!

It was such a nice time for the five of us, especially since Derek did not go to Palm Springs and prob will not be able to go to Vegas. However, off to the family reunion...man I have had a busy summer!


Meg said...

I have family in Big Bear. Never been but it looks beautiful; looks like a fun trip!!

Farnes Family Four said...

Love that you made it to Big Bear. I especially enjoy the picture of BoBo.