Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have an addiction!

Some may think that by the post title that I am admitting that my love of wine has gotten out of control, too bad that is still going strong and I love my 2 glasses at night and will continue to until my kids are off and married!

My current addiction is to WEED! No, not this weed,

but this one!

Weed or Weeds whatever, I thought it would be cute to post it like this:)

Honestly though, I watched all 5 seasons in about 4 days. I have been watching the seasons via Netflix stream on the TV (technology is crazy, btw) and almost cried when season 5 finished! I wanted more!! I made Derek check and double check that I had gone as far as I could. I wanted to scream! Yeap, I have to wait until Netflix gets it and who knows when that is going to be because the show is STILL running new episodes, argh! I really am very sad! Mad Men is not even easing my withdrawal! ARGH!!!!!


Rebecca Titone said...

It was cute! I was thinking wow I had no idea! Hahaha! I hear that show is fantastic. You are Too cute!

Meg said...

Weeds and Mad Men are my favorites!!

Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

haha! I had not read blogs in awhile- and I first thought- wow things change in a few weeks. I agree with Rebecc TP- you are too cute!