Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Richard's Birthday

Another of us turned 30!! A friend of ours from high school, Richard, had a "Jersey Shore" themed birthday party this past weekend. Yes, like the show! Argh, I know.
Derek and I were against dressing up, but sooo enjoyed seeing everyone else at the party. Some of the girls went way out (out of their way to not wear any clothes) and most of the guys were all 'spray tanned out' and even cut their hair like people in the show.

It is nice to see this group of people every once in a while at weddings, birthday partys and around town. We all have so much history together and even though Derek and I have gone the 'family' path, it is nice to catch up and talk about old times. Oh, I have to mention that Mike said he was going to come down, but then did not. That kind of made the birthday boy upset, so we took pictures with an arm out to represent Mike.

Here are some pics from the party....just in case you were wondering how to dress for a Jersey Shore themed party.

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