Monday, November 29, 2010

Right now at this very minute

Right now, my hand hurts from spanking Emma (yes, I spank when certain acts or words make it necessary) because she hit Drew in the face (yes Patty, ITF).

Right now, Emma is screaming at the top of her lungs in time out and will probably wake LP from her nap.

Right now, Drew is in his room with the door closed playing with his cars. I allow the door closure because he needs his own space sometimes and since he just got socked by his 3yr old sister (may get a shiner) I think he deserves sometime to himself.

Right now, LP is probably either #1- soundly asleep (but I dare not check for fear she will wake up), #2- using her Elmo and Cookie Monster to cover her ears from the fighting and screaming that is echoing all over the house.

Right now, Derek.....probably happy he is not here to hear this mess of a house! Go me for having three kids 4 & younger!! woohooo.

Oh, an update to the right now.....Right now, the Drew and Em are playing with there marshmellow shooters. I guess all is well, but mommy needs another cup of coffee!!

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