Wednesday, November 10, 2010

While We Play

Everyone knows that Derek works and I stay home with the kids. Some weeks Derek works more than others and some days longer hours than usual, but when we are doing this

And Derek is doing this

I do feel very bad.
Then I think about how the kids and I had Em's ballet rehearsal on Saturday morning (the 30th of October) then trick or treating on Main Street, a soccer game, and shopping. Does Derek really want to do all of this? Maybe the game, but I know that since we already done this in the month of October (not all of the stuff we did, btw)

Pumpkin Carving Party at the Giangrande's

Connor's 5th birthday Party

***yes, Derek and his brothers all wore green shirts and no, it was not planned!

Dwayne and Elisa's Birthday

Pumpkin Patch with the Mom's Club


Halloween Party at the Park followed by trick or treating with some seniors at the community center

And of course!! Halloween!!! Em and Drew were pirates and Lilly was suppose to be a monkey, but when I actually put her in it she looked more like a lion (and a boy to go with it). Oh well.
My side of the family came over for our monthly family day and to see the new place. I made chili for the first time (I used my Uncle Kev's recipe) which I have to say came out very yummy! We only had 6 rings at the door bell (that kind of stunk) and went to about 8 or so houses with the kids until they decided that their pumpkins were too heavy. It was a very nice time to have everyone there and got a huge surprise when Michelle came over dressed in a parrot costume (to go along with the pirates)! It was hilarious and the kids loved it. She is such a good auntie!

So, while Derek works so we are able to do all of this stuff, I think that he is happy most of the time not to go all over SoCal. Once again, thank you honey!


Teren, Jaxson, and Teegan! said...

That green shirt thing is hillarious! Cute costumes, love the monkey...she is sooooo big!

The Titone - Perez Family said...

I love the monthly run down! You are a supper mom, with all that going on. And the kids are soo big now! Love that you are up and blogging again. =)