Monday, November 29, 2010

Ken and Johanna

They went to the Chapel and got married! I was singing that to myself as I typed, fyi. haha

Yes, they got hitched and I loved every minute of the day! Actually, I should take that back. I hated packing for 5 people, but that goodness Em was here to help me or else we probably would have been late! Anyways, The got married at the Samuelson Chapel on the CLU campus (Jo went there, Claire goes there, and may of my family have graduated from there), followed by a cake reception, then a private dinner. Her colors were chapmaine and plum and she wore white. They started a little late (about 35 min) but that was okay because travel from south OC to TO takes a bit of time. Pictures were quick and taken before hand (I am still not a fan of that practice) and even though it was a rainy day it was still beautiful. Johanna was gorgeous. Like I have posted in the past (got me into some trouble) I have been to weddings were you can see and feel the stress, but with this one there was none. They just looked happy, young, and in love.

As mentioned above there was a cake reception. I have never been to one of those before and it was really neat. They had a few hundred people (not sure on the amount there) that they really wanted to be there to see the ceremony and of course share the special day with them, but could not really afford (nor do I think wanted) to have them all at a reception. There was a receiving line, snacks, drinks, favors, and cake. It was very nice.

After the reception there was a little time before the dinner, so we checked into the hotel, gave Kels instructions on the kids (I always go overboard with them) and headed to Oxnard. **Side note** I just have to say that without Kelsey there with us I do not think we would have been able to have such a relaxing trip. Derek and I joked when we got home that we really need a nanny! Not to let us go out, but to allow me to do the dishes and laundry without a kid at my feet.***
Em was the DD and that was GREAT! We got to the restaurant La Dolce Vita di Mare and just hung out at the tables drinking wine and micro brew beer that Uncle Tod made. There was only about 70 people there, no music, no dances, only one toast made by my Uncle Kevin (Jo's dad). But there was love, fun, food, drinks, and memories shared. Brian, Derek, and Patty got a little was hilarious:) It was just a perfect weekend. Thanks Kels for your help, Em for yours, Patty for making the trip, and of course Jo & Ken for getting married!!

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Emma's coat is gorgeous! Oh and that sweater looks awesome with your hair.