Saturday, May 14, 2011

Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

People have always told me that as my children get older I will have my hands full because they were such great newborns. I thought these people mentioned were CRAZY! I was so stinking wrong. I am not sure if I am just emotionally drained or I really do have my hands full! These past weeks have been HORRIBLE! I am not ashamed to say that, really they have been! I swear we have a newborn again with Lilly's sleeping habits, and the other two just DO NOT LISTEN TO US! We love our children, but DANG! Why does a 20 month old decide NOW that she does not want to sleep through the night? Or why does the 3 year old start to cough then throw up, this wakes the other two children? Even best, why does Drew start to scream and constantly ask the same questions all of the time even though I give him an answer! Argh!

So when I have to deal with a screaming child like this.....

Mommy has to go and get a pair of shoes from Kohls with a coupon and only when shoes are on sale....aren't they cute!


MRSB said...

You're nuts.

Farnes Family Four said...

I loved this!! yes, you are nuts...but this too shall pass.