Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday Meetings, posted on Tuesday!

Meet baby Cash! He is one of the most adorable babies I have EVER seen! He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and is just a doll to have! He lives 4 houses down and ever since we met him and his parents in February I can not get enough of this kid!

Cash loves to bounce ALL of the time, he eat a ton of 'big person food' at his almost 10months here on earth, he had a blast this past weekend taking a bath with Drew and Emma, and most importantly he LOVES me! We play outside on blankets, with the kids toys and he just wants to have fun! The kids love him to death and every day they want to play with him! We can not wait to see how the love between Lilly and Cash grows, haha! I love having 16other kids on our street!

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Farnes Family Four said...

Well no wonder why LP likes him he sure is a cutie. It works out that LP has the face of a doll.