Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tackle Tuesday....Date Night!

This tackle is to show that Derek and I do make time for ourselves...just months ago! I find it hilarious that we do not know where to go to what to do when we have some time to ourselves. A month ago we went to pizza and really could not decide which place to go to and when we got there I think we ordered way to much food because we usually order for 5 people. But one night when Kels was here in March for almost a week we (rather I) knew SUSHI was our destination. We headed to a restaurant we had not been before then to a bar we had only been to once.

It was a wonderful evening spent together! What could not have been better! We got to eat a HUGE boat (really it came in a boat) of sushi that we did not even come close to finishing. With full tummies that could not handle more than a few more beers we listened to a live band and people watched at the bar for a few hours. Derek even opened my car door!
***Derek was his usual self for picture taking! he would not smile, so this is what he gets by me posting the pic below***

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