Thursday, October 6, 2011


For the past year, I keep forgetting to take pictures of all of my decorations before every party! I am frankly getting sick and tired of prior to the next party someone MUST remind me!!!

Lilly had her birthday party last month and it was a hit! The theme was Hello Kitty and she just had a blast! I am shocked at between hers and Em's party that there was not one, not a one, copy of Hello Kitty merchandise! The girls have Lego's, purses, stuff animals, pack packs, band aids, hair things, clothes, panties, and soooo much more that is just strictly Kitty, it is insane! I can not believe my baby is two! She runs now, you would never have guessed that she started walking at almost 20 months!

Here is the aftermath....I am so upset with myself! No god ones at all of all of my hard work! Nothing of the outside!

But I do have these. Thank you Linda and Cindy.

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