Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Boy Tackles Some Big Homework

I have yet to post Drew's first day of school pictures (they are on my phone), but for those of you that were wondering....yes, he is in school! I knew this day would happen, but I was not really prepared for all of the PAPERWORK!! His school is a "Green School" so a lot of fliers and such as sent once a week to our inboxes, but we still get sooooo many hard copies!

To add to the endless amount of information that I end up throwing away, is homework! That I do not throw away! The below photos are of Drew doing his VERY FIRST homework assignment. At first he was so happy to have homework. Then about 10minutes into cutting he was tired and needed to finish it later. Yeah, that did not work. So his tired little fingers had to keep cutting and pasting until the assignment was completed.

I am not sure he quite gets that he is going to have homework for the next 12 to possibly 20 something years!

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