Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9years & a Beer Fest!!!

I can not believe that we have been married for 9 years, well now over 9 years!  So much has happened! Three kids, a few moves, Derek getting a new job, and our life getting crazy day by day!  Derek and I decided to go to Kiaro in Fullerton (love the fresh sushi) then headed over to Hero's.  I am sure we were home by 10pm!  Oh how things have changed!  I am hoping that for our 10th that we will be heading somewhere on a plane!!!!!!!!!

However............Since I rarely get Derek to go anywhere I was extremely excited that he agreed to go to Ventura for the weekend for the California Beer Festival.    OMG, so much fun!  Even if you do not drink it is so much fun!  Listening to bands, talking to crafters, talking with people, and just people-watching is GREAT!  Dale, Suzie, Uncle Alan and Aunt Cindy all went there last year and this year we joined them along with Dwayne and Elisa.  Alan is definitely a pro.  We just followed him and his hat/shirt around.  We were all running to keep up with him.  We hung out, drank, talked and had a blast.  We even walked to dinner and then a bar after.  I still can not believe everyone made it to dinner after standing in the hot sun all day with!!!  

My favorite part was back at our hotel when we sat by a fire and talked.  AWE, I am becoming sappy yet!  

Oh and like we normally do, we headed to Hero's for lunch before picking up the kids from their WONDERFUL WONDERFUL GRANDMA!!!!  Thank you Linda!  Also, I must give a huge shout out to my mom who drove the girls all over town for ballet class and rehearsals!  Love ya mom.....even if you are now in Georgia!
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