Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Flu....not here???

I know many people do not like my 'children crying' pictures, but they are real life for me.  Yep, another reason for many of you to laugh at our family. 

So, not too long ago, Lillian had her 4 year old check up.  I promised her she would not get a shot.  Well, momma did not realize that this is flu shot time and she was going to get one.  So she threw a fit.  The below picture was not her getting or even knowing she was getting a shot...she was just crying to take her dress off.  HUmmmmm, why has Derek never gone to any doc appt past the two week check up..hummmm.  Lilly is in good health, beside her epilepsy, and got her shot.  She was PISSED!

Then the following week Drew and Em had appointments for their shots.  Ya, it was glorious.  Emma screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed and more...and screamed!  I swear I tune her out because back in the day I would be sweating.....maybe my ups in meds help too, hahahhaa.  Drew got the dreaded 'prick' first while I heald his sweat hand.  He just had one tear.  Then he was fine.  Emma, that crazy girl, said, "oh that is it?"  Whatever, Emma!  She puts poor Nurse Sam through the gauntlet for a shot.  With mommy exhausted, but not sweaty, we headed to Yogurt Town for a treat.  Now just mommy and daddy need to get shots.  I will be fine.  Derek, is just like Emma!

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