Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am not a fan of giving to schools more than I need to.  I already spend $100+  on school supplies, get teacher gifts, join the PTA, give for earth quake stuff, give for the needy , give for the library, give my time to be Art Docent, give food, give money for Life subscriptions, and say again.....give give give!!!  I still have one more child to enter school.  Who, BTW who will already be 6, but that is another sorry.  I get it and people may not agree with me.  I give and give to help the teachers and the CHILDREN.  However, it stinks!  I am sick and tired of it.  I do not care to give more.  I am done.  Judge all you want!  Judge, judge that I did not have sponsors for Jog-a-thon!  Hell, there is a play in March, three more fundraisers   Maybe if the PTA did not offer the 'bling wear' then they would get more money for the school.  BTW, I have the bling wear and still give.  I am sick of having to live up to all of  this.

So go back to my first sentence..........I will give.  However, if I have any sense left in this extremely busy more needless stuff for school.  Remember college when you just got by, but all was well!  Well, the kids getting by now adays contains Smart boards, microphones, days off, bling wear, plays with kids flying (yes, my kids will be in it) and four course lunch meals which the kids never eat.  Oh wait, now they have breakfast.  WE LIVE IN THE OC, REALLY!!  WOW.  I am sorry school, but you get my $20.00 and I will do so until my children are old enough to realize they are not getting a key chain or slice of pizza for lunch like the rest of the kids.  Then and only then, because I do not want my children to me mocked....will I give more than needed.  Thank you Jog-a thon.  Oh wait, the kids had so much fun with the sound system and DJ.  

After that day, I felt more inclined to work out. .....Still am.  Lets see if the back holds up! 

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