Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Oh so long ago Derek really wanted to go 4x4ing.  So we got his brothers Damon's jeep, which had a salvage title.  It did not even run and I think it was bent to the get the point.  Well, how many years ago was that?  To long to remember.  He had fun for a few months with it, spent some money on it, lifted it, and made it straight.  That was for a few months.  Then life with the kids took up our money and time.  So Derek's dream of owning a 4x4 wheeling machine ended.  However, it took FOREVER for his mom to convince him to do so.  I said get rid of it, but everyone else would say things like, "dude it will be great some day," "you will finish it one day," "we will go out all of the time with it."  BTW, most of those came from men.  Well the day finally came and he got rid of it!!!!  YEAH!

Lilly was so excited that she danced and waved goodbye (but she always does that)..... 

Oh and did I forget to mention that his mommy said she would purchase him a ping pong table?

Bye Bye jeep and hello lots of fun that will be had for years and years!  Thank you Linda!!

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