Wednesday, March 5, 2014

American Girls!

I told myself that I WOULD NOT under any circumstances buy my girls American Girl dolls until they were 8.  I did not get mine until I was a little older that than and I think 8 is a great age for not coloring on them or cutting their hairs.  Well, the below picture says it all.....

I headed with the girls to LA for DeAnne's daughter, Avah, 5th birthday party.  There were about 12 of us walking around the store, many of us for the very first time.  I felt like such a little girl!  I walked out or there with 4 bags, which was not the plan!  I could not help myself.  I am sure many of you ladies had one or more of those dolls.  I can not remember which one I had, but I wish I had kept her.  I want my girls to have so many more good memories than I ever did.  So when I walked into the store and saw their faces, I melted and I think my debit card caught on fire..haha.

After the girls got there dolls, or those that had them already purchased clothes, we headed for the lunch at the restaurant.  OMG, it is the most adorable place ever.  The girls loved it!  The colors were bright and so girly.  The little dolls even got to borrow high chairs that connected to the table.  Oh and each doll got a goodie bag!  Super cute.  

After lunch we headed home in traffic because the girls had something, who knows what, but something and it was going to take me forever to drive from LA.  The girls were sad that they did not get to see Santa with all of the other girls, but I did get a cute picture of the girls.  Next time I want to walk around The Grove, but probably will not spend over $250 to get the free parking next time!  haha  
How did Derek take the news of my day of spending money on DOLLS?  Well, he was just fine with it because he has the same dreams for our girls like I do.  It is about memories.  He was so very proud that he can provide for his family in a way that us girls can have a great day.  They are in love with those dolls still and they go everywhere with us.  Here are the girls with BB for Lilly and Caroline for Emma.  I can not wait to go back and get a big girl doll for Lilly!  

  ***my camera phone stinks!!!

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