Sunday, March 9, 2014

Over Due, just go with it!

Like in the below post.....just roll with it!  I am blogging months behind.  So much stuff goes on and I can only get to a few posts on the multiple things we do.  

End of 2013 round up!

Only a few things of the many that we did.  

Why oh why did our children decide that they would like to take a nice 'picture with Santa' why oh why!  I love the past pictures!!!  Now they are all smiles.  Please CRY.  The photographer was laughing at me when I was saying to them, "can you guys do something not cute!"  

 Well, a hour in line later....cuteness.
 Oh and Christmas....

 Oh and Disney On Ice, which is a tradition in December for our family.  FAMILY, well, I guess us girls when the Disney On Ice is princess related.  I bought the tickets in advance so when the day came Drew and Derek were like "a no" so I took the G-girls with us.  They had a blast since they had not seen something like that before.

 Oh and Christmas.......

 After presents this happened......
 yep that is right, they played with the hose outside while everyone else in the country was freezing.
 And there were Christmas lights that had to be seen with peppermint hot chocolate for the kids.
Oh and a few sleepovers during Christmas break.

So many more things went on, but I wanted to share a few horribly taken pictures from my phone's camera.

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