Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Max & Her Babies

My very good friend Maxine had another baby back in October and I GOT TO MEET HIM!  Baby George is the cutest thing ever.  He is like a butterball.  He reminds me so much of Drew at that age.  I even got to see Maxine's daughter Sophia for the 4th time EVER!  

Maxine finished up her PhD last year and took a post doc at NIH, so they up and moved to Maryland.  Even quit his job at the FED and is able to be at home more, even though he travels a ton.  That boy is always in a different country.  So, when Max came back to Cali to visit her parents...I was just tickled to death to hold that baby of hers.  We met up at Mar's parents and it was so strange to be surrounded by all four of their babies.  I, of course, did not bring mine.  It seems to be a running theme with us three mommies. We just show up at each others houses/parties with out our kids.  Our parents get a kick out of it.      

We even had a play date!  Max and the kids came over to our place and we had a fun time.  I of course just wanted to hold the baby.  It was funny.  With a bedroom full of toys and a backyard with a playhouse....they wanted the tablet.  Kids now a days!  Soso's hair is so curly!
But I will not have to wait much longer for my friends to come back with their kids.  Mar is coming back soon and Max is MOVING back this summer.  Yeah!  xo

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