Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saigey Sings!

I am really slacking! No camera again for me!! This three kid thing is making my brain mushy! Last night we went to Saige's choir preview show at her high school. We had a great time with all three kids sitting in the front row! This was the kids first high school performance (mine too, I was too cool to go to them in high school...or at least I thought I was:)) and they did such a a great job just sitting there and looking at Saige dance and sing. The theme was Moulin Rouge hits choir (or something like that). They had bright colors, a few costume changes, and to the dismay of little Lillian's ears....a few dozen 14-18 year old SCREAMING GIRLS! The songs were full of life and even though Saige did not have a solo she was very animated! The best part of me was that since we were sitting in the front I could actually hear her beautiful voice.

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