Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday Differences

I love the differences in birthday parties from when you are little to when you turn 37!  I know it is very obvious that little kids have 'little kid' parties and adults have dinners big parties/trips for special birthdays such as 30, 40, and so on.  But what I am talking about is the 'conversations' and 'sitting' us parents get to do  while with our own friends!  For example....

Ryan's birthday dinner....
*we went to SUSHI for dinner and only had to get up when WE had to use the potty
*we talked/bitched about our lives/work/parenthood and so on
*I plopped down Ryan's bottle of Makers right on the need to wrap his gift
*we went to TWO places with out having to worry about kids being tired and complaining
***love the Twisted Vine!

Alex & Paulina's birthday party...
*at the park
*I had to chase the kids around
*Lilly would not leave my side for most of the time
*I had to talk to people I really did not want to (sounds mean, but I REALLY did not want to talk to a few of them)
*I had to deal with kids screaming and crying as we left to go to Drew's baseball game

I am just stating the differences that is all.  But it is very nice to have both in our lives.  We get our adult time and family time.  We had so much fun at both!  The kids ran around that crazy fools at the park and LOVED the Star Wars Theme.  Fabiola did a great job!  DeAnne did a great job surprising Ryan for dinner!  Love it!!

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