Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter, it feels so long ago!  Well, it really was.  And I have a confession...I think this was the first year my kids dyed eggs??  Bad parents, I know.  They had a blast, but I have no idea why I had them put their jammies on first? haha.  With my sisters not here, my mom looking for a good location to spread my grandparents ashes, the Peterson's doing their own thing and Derek's side out of town (most of them)...this year for Easter was very low key.  The kids had fun with their baskets and so did Derek.  Maybe one year I will get one..haha/wink/wink.  Oh wait Derek did get me something!  A DSI game...!  Anyways, we had fun hanging out at home, talking to my family back east on the phone, having an Easter egg hunt around the house, watching movies, Emma learning how to ride her BIKE, and eating a yummy ham dinner.  It was small and low key, but we had a great time with our FAMILY.

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